Dental Restorations of Exceptional Quality in West Des Moines

happy mature couple outdoorsAt Iowa Dental Arts, we provide you with dental restorations to renew your smile and give you fully functional teeth that are also aesthetically pleasing. Our team knows how missing, damaged, or decayed teeth can impact your self-esteem, and we’re happy to help you accomplish your smile goals. We offer various restorative treatments to meet every need and bring lifelong solutions to your dental issues.

We proudly serve West Des Moines, Clive, Windsor Heights, Valley West, or any of the neighboring communities. Dr. Dennis Winter has a gentle chairside manner and exceptional listening skills. Our practice uses the latest, most advanced dental technologies coupled with quality metal-free materials to help you get the appealing, healthy smile of your dreams. Contact us and schedule your visit today!


Quality Restorative Dentistry to Renew Your Smile

Dr. Winter starts your consultation by listening carefully to you, then performing a comprehensive exam. We take a holistic approach aimed at helping you enhance your oral health and overall well-being.

We offer you a broad suite of services you can count on to rebuild your dental health. The restorative treatments we offer include:

Gum Disease Treatment to Restore Your Oral Health

Gum disease may result from poor oral hygiene, eventually leading to plaque build-up and infection if not taken care of early. If you experience consistent bad breath, loose teeth, swollen gums, receding gums, and bleeding, you may be suffering from gum disease.

We use the Biolase water lase system to treat both hard and soft tissue infection and help you maintain healthy gums.

High Precision Restorations for Excellent Oral Health

Our West Des Moines restorative dentist enjoys providing you with expert care that renews your smile’s function and appeal. We use top-quality materials to provide safe, metal-free, and natural-looking solutions. Our restorations include:

Composite Fillings for a Beautiful Smile

If your teeth encounter early signs of decay, a composite filling can be the best way to save them. We will remove the decayed portions of a damaged tooth and replace them with fillings. Composite fillings match the color of your teeth and look natural. They are ideal for restoring teeth with minor wear, cracks, decay, or chips.

Dental Crowns to Restore Appeal & Bite Function

Crowns are an excellent option for treating teeth with severe decay or wear. They cover the entire tooth from the top down to the roots to protect it from further damage. A crown restores your tooth’s shape and functionality. Our crowns are created with digital technology and delivered in as little as one week. We also use a Biolase diode laser for final crown placement. This helps us give you a much better fit.

close up of dental crownsThe most common reasons you may need a crown include:

  • Enhancing your bite function
  • Strengthening your weak or worn-out teeth
  • Protecting your tooth after a root canal
  • Restoring a dental implant for a single tooth
  • Improving the appearance of misshapen teeth

Get Your Dental Bridges in One Week

If you have some missing teeth in a row, a bridge may make your smile whole by filling in this gap. There are two types of bridges, traditional and fixed. For conventional bridges, two hollow crowns are placed on neighboring natural teeth at both sides of the gap to support the bridge. Implant-supported, or fixed bridges, use implants for support instead of relying on your adjacent healthy teeth.

Full & Partial Dentures for Optimum Function

Complete and partial dentures consist of a set of natural-looking porcelain teeth fitted on a pink acrylic base that accurately mimics your gum tissue. Full dentures restore an arch of teeth in the upper or lower jaws. If you have healthy remaining teeth, a partial denture can be used. It can restore missing teeth in a row.

Dentures can be fixed or removable. Traditional dentures are removable, while fixed dentures are implant-supported, helping you get stable teeth for optimal chewing and clear speech.

Root Canal Therapy that Relieves Your Pain

happy female patient in dental officeFor more severe tooth infections that affect the inner tissues of the teeth, known as the pulp, Dr. Winter will perform root canal therapy. Root canal treatments help you preserve the remaining natural structure of your teeth.

A root canal treatment involves removing the affected pulp from the root canal chamber. The chamber is then cleaned and disinfected, and filled with antibacterial material. A filling is applied, which is then topped with a crown to preserve your tooth.

Excellent Restoration Treatments in West Des Moines!

Our team at Iowa Dental Arts is passionate about crafting beautiful, healthy smiles. We use top-quality restorations to provide you with long-lasting oral health. Dr. Dennis Winter and our team proudly serve our community in Des Moines, West Des Moines, Clive, Windsor Heights, Valley West, and all the neighboring communities. Contact us today and schedule your appointment.