Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning, also known as ultrasonic Scaling, is a procedure that efficiently removes all tartar, plaque, accumulated bacteria and food debris from hard-to-reach corners of the teeth. It is usually done as part of your bi-annual routine check-up and clean visits. Scaling is usually painless, unless you already have a gingival infection, and does not require anaesthesia injections. The classic symptoms of a gingival infection include bleeding on brushing or flossing, redness of the gums, inflammation, and formation of soft pockets between the teeth. Fortunately, these symptoms can be reversed if treated in a timely manner.



Teeth cleaning is one of the most effective treatments when it comes to keeping dental and periodontal infections at bay. At times, due to incorrect brushing techniques, or irregular oral hygiene routines, plaque can start to accumulate behind the teeth and along the gum line. This sticky substance irritates the gums, causing it to swell and bleed. When left uncleaned for a long time, this plaque can harden, forcing gum to recede, thus initiating a chain of harmful complications. If you have recently noticed a pale build-up behind your teeth, it is time for you to get them professionally cleaned. Book you Scaling appointment with the team of hygienists at Iowa Dental today.