Laser Dentistry (orig)

This decade has seen the introduction of countless new technologies, equipment, techniques and materials that have reshaped the way dentistry is being done today. One of the most noteworthy of all these technologies is laser. Owing to its versatility and countless applications, laser has rendered many machines and techniques obsolete in dentistry. It is now being used for cavity preparation, caries removal, teeth whitening, root surgeries, abscess removals, soft tissue surgeries, biopsies, hemostasis, frenectomy and many other procedures that were previously being performed using other, more complicated devices.

This change is a welcome one – for there are many advantages associated with performing laser surgeries. They are much more accurate, there is minimal blood loss, there is little or no tissue damage, in most cases, laser ensures perfectly painless surgeries, there are little or no chances of surgical field contamination, and the site heals better and faster than ever before. Many clinics, such as Iowa Dental, are now switching to laser dentistry – using one single equipment for countless applications. If you wish to experience dentistry in an entirely different light, book an appointment with our team today and learn everything you wish to know about laser and oral health.