Invisalign (orig)

Invisalign has gained massive popularity over the past couple of years owing to its outstanding results, and absolutely discreet method of correcting dental mal-alignment issues. Some of the most prominent advantages of opting for the treatment include:

  • Excellent choice for effective correction of mild to moderate mal-alignment

  • Does not involve bonding of dental appliances to the teeth

  • Does not involve any metallic components

  • Removable and easy to clean

  • Duration of treatment is much shorter than that of conventional braces

  • Progress can be seen with the help of clear three dimensional intra-oral images

  • 100% clear and transparent

  • Does not compromise the appearance of the smile during the course of treatment

The treatment is ideal for adult patients who wish to make their smile look straighter and more aligned. At Iowa Dental, our orthodontic experts offer consultation to all patients helping them choose the treatment that is right for them. We have transformed countless smiles with the help of Invisalign at our clinic, and yours can be one of them. If you wish to flaunt your smile with renewed confidence, give us a call to book your Invisalign consultation appointment today!