Dentures (orig)

Dentures, commonly known as false teeth, are removable prostheses which replace the crowns of missing teeth in the oral cavity. Tooth loss can occur due to multiple extractions over a course of years, advanced stage gingival infections, bone diseases, trauma and neglect of oral hygiene. Dentures offer a safe, quick, non-invasive and highly affordable solution for the rehabilitation of dental functionality and aesthetics following tooth loss.

At Iowa Dental, we offer patients highly resilient complete and partial dentures. The former are complete plates of teeth designed for patient who do not have any teeth in their mouth, whereas the latter are smaller segments of artificial teeth meant to replace a few missing teeth per quadrant. They can easily be removed from and replaced back into the oral cavity whenever the patient desires. Complete dentures often require the use of adhesives to keep the plates from moving unnecessarily during speech or mastication. If you are looking for a more permanent solution for the problem, you should consider implant retained dentures. Call now to book an appointment with the leading team of oral prosthodontists in the city today, only at Iowa Dental.