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Iowa Dentist Discusses Double Teeth

There are times when children might develop double teeth. These are joined by the pulp or dentin of the teeth. Two things cause this to occur: fusion and germination. Here’s what you need to know.
Germination is when the tooth splits into two, but remain attached as they develop together. If you count these teeth as one, then the child has a normal amount of teeth overall.
Fusion is when two separate teeth join together as one. If these teeth are counted as one, then the child is missing a tooth.
This most often occurs in the child’s upper front teeth, but sometimes happens in the lower ones as well. Germination is more popular when dealing with the top and fusion appears to be more likely the cause in the bottom. It could occur in permanent teeth, but it’s less common.
There are many problems that might occur as a result. They include:
Atypical spacing
Delayed permanent teeth
The dentist might even need to remove the double tooth in order to make room for a permanent tooth. There are even times when there is no permanent tooth below the fused teeth, but that is also rare. The dentist can see this through an x-ray.
The other complication is related to the deep groove that’s found between the teeth. This leads to cavities, so your Iowa dentist might advise you to use sealant to protect the teeth. Sometimes they can also be treated by shaving down the teeth and smoothing it so there’s less area for cavities. This can’t be done if the pulp is near the tooth’s surface.
In rare occasions, the dentist will separate the tooth through surgery. This tends to work better with fused teeth that have their own pulp chambers and roots. Then, both teeth will require a root canal.
In other occasions, the parents choose not to treat the double tooth at all. The thought is that they’ll eventually lose it anyway and it will eventually be replaced by a permanent tooth. Whatever you decide is best, you should listen to your Iowa dentist’s recommendation since they know what is best.
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