Tooth Extraction

Dentists usually go out of their way to save natural teeth using different treatments. In some cases though, extraction becomes a necessary measure. There are instances where the tooth has sustained so many damage that it cannot be repairs, such as in case of vertical fractures and gross caries. Impaction, and primary teeth retention are also leading causes of dental extraction. Removal of healthy natural teeth may also be done as part of orthodontic treatment planning. In all these cases however, we at Iowa Dental take special care in make sure our patients feel 100% comfortable during and after surgery, and that we take all the necessary measures to avoid any surgical complications.

It is important to take radiographs prior to the surgery to determine the position of the tooth below the gum, thus avoiding damage to the adjacent teeth. The extraction itself is performed with the help of instruments such as elevators, forceps and scalpels. With the anaesthesia in place, there is no reason why you should feel even the slightest bit of pain or discomfort as we remove the tooth from your arch. We’ll give you painkillers and a complete set of instructions you can follow at home for swift, painless recovery. Give us a call today to learn all about dental extractions and how they are done at our clinic.