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Iowa Cosmetic Dentist Shares Post Reconstruction Care Tips

Once you’ve had cosmetic reconstruction done at the dentist, there are some important tips to follow for a full recovery.
Bite Adjustment
It could take some time to adjust to the new feel of your bite. This is especially true when the position of your teeth or your bite is altered. Your brain will need time to recognize the new feeling. If after this time, you are still experiencing areas that don’t feel right, call your dentist for an exam.
It’s normal to have some sensitivity to temperature after reconstruction. Your teeth need some time to heal. In addition, your gums might be sore for a short time. Feel free to use a saltwater rinse with warm water up to three times per day. This will reduce swelling and pain. In addition, you can use a mild over-the-counter pain reliever such as ibuprofen or Tylenol.
You don’t need to be concerned if you notice changes with your speech. This is typical for the first couple of days. Once you’ve recovered, your speech should return to normal.
It’s also possible that your salivation might increase. This is a result of your brain responding to the size and shape of your new teeth. Within a week, this should slow down.
Care of the Teeth
Your daily flossing and brushing routine is still critical. Removing plaque is necessary for the long-term success of this dental work. So are regular dental appointments.
Avoid any hard foods or substances that have the potential to chip, crack or damage the teeth. This includes ice, fingernails and pencils as well. You’ll also want to avoid sticky candy that could cause damage. Refrain from smoking as this can stain your new dental work. This is also true with red wine, coffee, berries and tea.
If you plan to play sports, have the dentist make a mouthguard for your protection. If you suffer from grinding your teeth, you can also get a night guard.
It’s important that you call your Iowa cosmetic dentist with any other concerns or complaints. It’s better to have it looked at than to face more serious issues in the future. Iowa Dental Arts can be reached at (515) 277-6657 or(515) 225-8888.
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