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Overcoming Your Fear of the Dentist

Being afraid of the dentist is much more common than you think. There are many different reasons as to why your upcoming dental appointment could be filling you with anxiety and apprehension. Some patients are nervous about the exam itself while others are more fearful of the potential results. Nevertheless, there are some simple things that you can practice both at home and in the exam room to ease your anxiety and make your exam a breeze.
Take Charge of Your At Home Oral Hygiene 
As mentioned before, many individuals are afraid of what the dentist may say and the possibility that a more serious condition will be diagnosed. Being confident in the health of your smile will reduce your anxiety and fear tremendously before your appointment. Brushing and flossing regularly is a simple way to keep your teeth strong and free of buildup that could potentially harm your enamel. It’s also important to be cognizant of any abnormalities or unusual symptoms like bleeding gums or discomfort in your teeth. This could be a sign of a deeper issue, so going to your dentist early on before the condition worsens could save you a lot of time in the future.
Let Your Dentist Know
You should never feel embarrassed about disclosing your fears to your doctor. There are countless patients who have the same anxieties as you do, and the more honest you are, the more your doctor can accommodate your needs. He or she will then be able to let you know about all of the relaxation and comfort options that are available at the practice. If at any point during the exam you feel uncomfortable, your dentist will understand that they need to stop or give you a break for a few moments. 
Relax Pre-Exam
In the few hours before your appointment, it may be helpful to try some relaxation techniques either at home or at your office. Consider listening to calming music or taking a few deep breaths to ease your mind. It may also be comforting to have a conversation with a family member or coworker about something lighthearted to get your mind off your upcoming appointment. 
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