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The Iowa Dental Arts Philosophy

At Iowa Dental Arts, our first goal is to prevent discomfort and disease before they start. Our

holistic dentistry practice serves our patients’ needs through a combination of preventative care
and dental procedures that use the least invasive methods available today that do not interfere
with your body’s natural healing process. Our caring team works with compassion to uncover
potential problems and address them quickly through routine changes at home when possible.
When office procedures are necessary, we provide the top quality care through minimally
invasive procedures that are intended to prevent discomfort and speed recovery.

The basic principles of Holistic Dentistry

- To educate on the benefits of proper nutrition and health for the prevention and reversal of
  degenerative dental disease
- To avoid or eliminate toxins from dental processes and materials
- Prevention and treatment of dental malocclusion that creates bite problems and imbalances
- Prevention and treatment of gum disease

The Iowa Dental Arts Difference:

A healthy mouth is about much more than a nice smile. Our teeth and gums affect our ability to
speak and eat, and research continues to strengthen the connection between oral health and a
patient’s overall health including the ability to avoid cardiac, cognitive and respiratory ailments.
Our Holistic Practice Provides:
A comfortable, relaxed atmosphere that eases stress during procedures.
The latest technologies to provide excellent dental care with as little discomfort as possible.
Biocompatible dental products and materials that work well with of the human body
Digital x-rays that provide a faster, safer view of the teeth and gums that dramatically
reduces radiation exposure and does not require chemicals for processing.
Certified amalgam removal procedures to safely remove and dispose of amalgam
(mercury) fillings.
Amalgam and BPA Free fillings. Amalgam fillings contain mercury and BPA is a chemical
found in many plastics. Both have been shown to have negative effects on health and the
Restorative dentistry and Bite Splint Therapy to improve jaw alignment, which reduces
neck and shoulder pain, migraines, and earaches that are common with TMJ issues.
Nutrition and Health Resources. If you are requesting help with diet, nutrition or general
well-being, we can help you with a recommendation to a partnered nutritionist or health
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