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Holistic Dentistry: A Comprehensive Approach to Oral Health


Natural care of the teeth is the philosophy of those who have taken up the practice of holistic dentistry. The premise of holistic dentistry is to treat the whole of the person and not just the hole that comes to the tooth or teeth because of tooth decay from bacterial plaque. In fact, holistic dentists believe it is not so much the plaque on the teeth that is the reason for tooth decay, but that of the improper nutrients from an improper diet that first affects the teeth.


A holistic dentist has advanced knowledge to provide nutritional counseling to help any issues you may be experiencing. We also use biocompatible dental materials and implants to ensure that the filling material does not harm the body. Antibiotics and anesthetics are used sparingly.


Invasive surgical procedures such as root canals are avoided for natural means of preserving healthy teeth. If you are seeking a less-invasive approach to your oral health, a holistic dentist is often the best route for your body and mind.


Holistic Dentists Understand the Effects of Certain Dental Practices on Overall Health

A holistic dentist has the same credentials as a conventional dentist. But after graduation, holistic dentists pursue a post-graduate doctorate in learning about specific whole-body subjects that can affect the teeth, mouth, gums and more. For example, some may delve into the mercury toxicity issue in amalgam fillings, orthopedic orthodontics or nutrition and preventative programs. Knowing what education your holistic dentist pursued will give you a clue as to their personal beliefs and how it can maximize the treatment plan for your teeth and overall oral health.

With a holistic dentist, you can be assured they will dig deeper than the enamel and dentin that makes up the pulp of the tooth and get to the real root of dental issues by taking your overall body emotional and spiritual health into account.


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