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50266 Dentist Shares Teeth Whitening Foods

We talk a lot about the foods which stain the teeth like coffee and red wine, but did you know there are some common foods shown to whiten the teeth over time? While they aren’t as effective as proper oral hygiene or whitening products, these foods might give you another reason to smile.
While they might stain your clothing, there’s reason to believe strawberries could whiten the teeth. Strawberries have an enzyme known as malic acid. This enzyme has properties that could lead to a whiter, brighter smile.
Hard Fruits and Vegetables
Eating healthy fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots or celery can also brighten your smile. All of these foods increase saliva production in the mouth which acts as a self-cleaning agent. This also kills bacteria which causes bad breath. 
Tart Fruits
Eating fruits like oranges or pineapples might also increase saliva and clean the mouth. It is best that you stay away from lemons as they contain too much acid and could harm your tooth enamel.
Baking Soda
Studies found that toothpaste with baking soda did a better job of removing plaque than toothpaste without baking soda. This mildly abrasive formula can whiten and brighten your teeth. 
Dairy Products
Dairy contains lactic acid which protects you from decay. Eating yogurt, hard cheeses and milk have been proven to strengthen the teeth against decay. Cheese is especially known for whitening and removing stubborn food particles from the teeth as well.
On top of that, dairy products contain phosphorus and calcium plus caseins. These produce a film on the enamel to prevent the bacteria in your mouth from turning into an acid. These minerals will also repair enamel and strengthen your teeth to make them more resilient. 
For more tips on foods that are good for your teeth, be sure to speak to your 50266 dentist at the next checkup. Everybody has to eat, so you might as well make it food that will benefit your teeth. Avoid the foods that will stain your teeth and load up on the healthy options instead. Your teeth and stomach will thank you.
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