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Feeling tooth pain while chewing?

It is disturbing when you’re enjoying your meal, and suddenly, you feel a certain pain in biting down your food. There are many possible reasons why this happens. Possibly, you have a cracked tooth, gum disease, or others. Knowing such type of information helps and saves your life.


Conducting regular dental check-ups to diagnose your situation at an early stage is always advisable. Depending on the term of pain or sensitivity, the inspection will not bring harm.


Possible causes of sudden tooth sensitivity or pain


• Toothbrush and toothpaste

Ask your dentist whether soft, medium and hard bristles suit you. You can also consider what type of toothpaste is good for you e.g. desensitizing toothpaste. Brushing too hard will bring any good to both your gums and teeth. Doing this won't give you the cleanest teeth and freshest breath, so learn to limit your force in brushing.


• Food choice

You should eat what is right for your sensitive teeth. Avoiding acidic, too hot or cold foods, candies, and hard foods is a must. Some of these include juices, soft drinks, coffee or tea, ice cream, etc. However, dairy-rich and nutrient-rich foods are good for sensitive teeth.


• Gum disease and plaques

Check if you have gingivitis and seek dentist's advice before it's too late. Keep up with your dental health through check-ups and scheduled cleaning to prevent the formation of plaques. If you don't put attention to these, it may lead to a serious problem instead of simple sensitivity or pain.


• Mouthwash

This is good with a proper dental prescription, but some over the counter mouthwashes have chemicals causing weakness of teeth. This will eventually lead to sensitivity due to a cracked tooth.


• Dental procedure

Tooth sensitivity is normal if you just had a recent dental operation like tooth extraction, root canal, and so on. On the other hand, be cautious if the pain lasts for longer periods as you might be experiencing other serious dental issues.


• Tooth grinding

Tooth enamel can be damaged with sudden tooth grinding. This becomes a mannerism for others, but you must be careful about it and seek dental advice like placing mouth guards to prevent more damages.


• Cracked tooth

Whether small or large vertical fracture on your tooth is not safe at all. The pressure in biting down something causes the crack to open causing sharp pain.


Carefully examine your dental situation and seek advice from experts so that you are guided on how to address your current dental condition before it’s too late. Short-term tooth pain might harm and promote a huge impact on your overall health in the long run.

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