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Dentures: A New Age of Beautiful Smiles

Ideally, you want to keep your natural teeth. Unfortunately, that isn’t always an option. Tooth loss or tooth decay may become so detrimental that you must consider alternatives to your natural teeth.

Many years ago, when it was time to consider new teeth, that meant removing all your teeth (good and bad) and replacing them with removable dentures. Truth be told, dentures are still a completely viable option.


It is important to remember that dental technology has advanced over the years. Between high-tech 3D scans and offering in-house orthodontia (Invisalign), dentistry is simply just not what it formerly was. Read on to find out more about how dentures will help you get and keep a beautiful smile!


How Have Dentures Improved?

Even though dentures have been around for centuries, they have improved leaps and bounds since the days of wooden teeth. The actual teeth are made from a durable acrylic resin and are made to look as close to natural teeth as humanly possible. In most cases, people can’t tell the difference!

Here are other ways dentures have improved with modern dental medicine:


-          More comfortable

-          Better materials for attaching

-          Better looking

-          More durable

-          More affordable

-          Partial


That’s right – you can now get partial dentures using implant-locking technology. If you are missing 3 teeth in a row on the upper left side and 4 teeth on the upper right side, it is no longer a question. You need to get alternate teeth.


Formerly, you would have all your teeth removed and put straight into dentures. However, you can instead have ZERO teeth removed and opt for what is called a partial, implant-supported denture.

These are the ways going for a partial, implant-supported denture is better than going into a full, old-fashioned denture:


-          Easy to remove

-          Stronger bond than goopy materials for adhering

-          Allows you to keep as many of your natural teeth as you want


Another bonus about going into partial denture first is that you can see how you feel about the implant-supported functionality. If you find you like it, you can move to a full, implant-supported denture when the time comes! Contact Iowa Dental Arts, your top Des Moines dentist today to schedule a consulation.

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