Dental Sealants


Since they were first introduced, dental sealants, also known as fissure sealants, have shown astounding results in decay prevention, particularly among the youngest of all patients who visit our clinic. There are many factors that make the primary dentition most susceptible and vulnerable to bacterial attacks, and the subsequent development of decay lesions. Children are unable to maintain good oral hygiene on regular basis, and their diet also include sugary, sticky foods that create ideal conditions and oral pH for bacteria. This is why kids needs extra dental protection, and can easily get it in the form of Sealants.

A dental sealant is basically a layer of filling material that is applied on the molars and set in place with the help of a laser, or curing light. This adds an extra layer, and creates a barrier between the dental enamel, and the internal environment of the mouth. Even in the absence of a regular oral hygiene routine, this treatment can delay and effectively prevent dental caries.

If you care about the oral health of your child, we recommend that you should consider dental sealants. Book your appointment with the team at Iowa Dental today!