Dental Implants


There are many ways in which a person can lose his/her natural teeth. Whether it happens due to multiple extractions, or tooth loss due to gingival infections – it is always better to have the natural teeth replaced with artificial ones as soon as possible. Missing teeth can impair your ability to bite, chew and eat food properly – and can also compromise the appearance of your smile. Undoubtedly the best treatment for the replacement of missing teeth in dentistry today is Dental Implant surgery.

Dental implants are artificial teeth with a ‘screw’ root, and a porcelain crown. We at Iowa Dental use only the finest implant systems recognized by leading dental facilities around the world. Our techniques ensure swift healing, zero tissue damage and excellent restoration of aesthetics as well as functionality. We offer consultation sessions to patients prior to the surgery to address any concerns or queries they may have regarding the procedure and its outcome. If you have been shying away from smiling fully because of a missing teeth or two, or are experiencing difficulty eating your favorite snacks – you can trust dental implants to fix the issues for you. Book an appointment with our team today!