Dental Exams & X-Rays

Dental exams play an important role in determining a patient’s overall health, and creating a treatment plan that suits his/her needs perfectly. It is the assessment or evaluation of the oral cavity that is performed by dentists when the patient visit the clinic after a long period of time, or during routine check-ups. Dental exams are performed using instruments like mirrors and probes to check for any visible abnormalities on the teeth, or the soft tissues of the oral cavity. We’re generally looking for unusual changes such as those in colour or texture of the mucosa – which can indicate development of a disease or infection.

Dental exams are usually performed in combination with radiographs. We may be able to see changes occurring in the mouth using our instrument, but things that happen below the gum remain invisible to us. Fortunately, x-rays provide us with a detailed picture of any abnormalities that may be occurring underneath the gingiva. With results of our radiographic and dental examination finding, we can chart a treatment plan that addresses each dental concern of the patient in order of its importance/urgency.

Patients must visit the clinic at least twice a year (every six months), to have their oral health assessed by professionals.