Dental Crowns

There are times when teeth sustain structural damage which not only leaves them weak and vulnerable, but also aesthetically compromised. Because it is always better to preserve natural teeth, dentists around the world advise patients to protect them with dental crowns. Crowns, also known as caps, are fixed hollow covers that are placed on top of damaged teeth to protect them from further damage and to give them a new look. These can be made using porcelain alone, or porcelain fused to metal for extra strength when restoring a tooth present in the posterior part of the mouth.

  • Crowns can be used for:

  • Fractured or chipped teeth

  • Stained teeth

  • Covering unsightly gaps between the teeth

  • After root canal treatments

  • Teeth that are not uniform in shape and size

  • Teeth that have lost significant structure due to abrasion, attrition or erosion

  • Covering amalgam restorations

There are many benefits of using crowns to protect and restore compromised teeth in the mouth. If you wish to learn more about the procedure, or want to book an appointment to have a similar tooth treated, give us a call and book an appointment with the experts at Iowa Dental today!