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Holistic Dentistry in Des Moines, IA

We believe that it’s important to look at a person’s well-being as a whole, instead of individual parts. This means that instead of confining problems to a specific area of a person’s body, it’s better to look at the entirety of a person’s health to help find an appropriate treatment plan. 
Today, with more and more people turning to alternative treatments, it’s no surprise that dentists are also beginning to approach their patient’s health in a more holistic way.
Holistic dentistry’s primary focus is to promote a patient’s overall health and well-being, instead of simply focusing the treatment towards a singular illness or disease. A holistic dentist will evaluate all aspects of a person’s health which includes looking at their entire medical history. 
Still, this may leave some people with questions about holistic dentistry. Below, we’ll be looking at holistic dentistry and whether it is right for you.
Holistic Dentistry Vs. Traditional Dentistry
The main factor that differentiates holistic dentistry is that holistic dentistry focuses on more than simply a patient’s mouth. In holistic dentistry, the dentist will look at a person’s entire well-being to determine the cause of their issues.
This specialized area of dentistry relies on a combination of both traditional dental procedures, as well as natural and homeopathic healing practices.
A Holistic Approach
Taking a holistic approach to dentistry means that your holistic dentist will need to know significantly more about your health and medical history. This might involve looking at your family’s medical history to determine what is causing your problem. Additionally, by looking at your history, your dentist will be able to find a treatment plan that’s right for you.
In dentistry, holistic practices involve treatment options that encompass limited exposure to harmful chemicals or toxins that may influence a person’s health in the future. 
Also, holistic dentists will ensure that their patients are eating a healthy well-balanced diet. In addition to making sure a patient is eating tooth healthy foods, this also helps ensure that a person’s diet is encouraging whole body health.
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